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Smart Collaboration

SSM 2.0 delivers comprehensive, state-of-the-art collaboration along with some new innovations that help you make sense and directly benefit from your collaborations such as: Consensus Builder, Advisories, Confidence Index, and more.

Healthcare Focused

We focus on the specific needs of the people in the healthcare industry. Specialized security, mobile experience, and private communities are important and designed for healthcare’s unique needs. Unlike other social sites, SSM 2.0 is focused on healthcare only with specialty communities specializing in: ICD-10, Meaningful Use, and Clinical integration to name a few.

Mobile Now

Designed from the ground up, SSM 2.0 takes advantage of your mobile needs and workforce. All SSM 2.0 functionality is delivered from the cloud and designed as a mobile solution… but of course, we also have a good browser version too!

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